We told you - we've got this.

The first part is easy - you'll read some important information about your trip. It might be boring, but we try to keep it simple - just read carefully and acknowledge that you understand everything.

Next, you'll tell us how you want to pay for the trip. Some trips may ask a downpayment now with a remainder later. Some trips may charge immediately in full. Your payment terms and any available options will be clearly laid out. Your payment information will be handled by our secure information and payment partners DocuSign and Stripe.

Once that's done, sit back and relax. Dream a little more. When your trip nears you will receive a trip package with everything you need for perfect travel. You can be at ease knowing that we've carefully thought out each step and are monitoring for updates. Have peace of mind that before, during, and after your travel you have a dedicated point of contact for any questions or concerns.


Step Three

Open the DocuSign Envelope your Agent sends you and confirm the important details of your trip. You will also acknowledge several disclosures about your rights and responsibilities.

You'll review your final invoice, including a description of all past charges and payments, what's due immediately, and what's due in the future. The payment arrangement will be clearly stated on your invoice.

Your Agent will continue to monitor your reservations for updates and changes, and advise you of important information. Your Agent remains available for trip consultation at any time.



E-Trip Package
Included* - For all bookings receive an electronic package containing your itineraries and any electronic travel documents.

Print Trip Package
Varies* - Receive a travel package containing copies of your itinerary and other important info formatted for travel scenarios. You will also receive all tickets in hardcopy, where available.

*No fees will be charged for documents which do not support an  e-delivery option.


Your first booking:

You Dream, We Research

Tell us what you like, what you love, and what you can't live without. We research everything you need to know and put together multiple itineraries to meet your needs.

We Plan, You Pick

You receive plans tailored specifically to your needs and interests. You can customize further before picking the one that's right for you.

We Deliver, You Relax

You'll get a complete itinerary containing everything you need to know for your trip; just review, sign, and pay. Then let us sweat the small stuff while you relax and get away.


Your vacation getaway is waiting.