9 Things Modern Travel Agents Do

As you saw in my recent post, travel agents are still alive and well - in fact, we're making a comeback! In the internet age, despite the ease of communication, a travel agent is still your best friend for sorting through all the options, vetting trustworthy vendors, and figuring out which info is real and which is just marketing. Here are nine ways a good travel agent can help you.

Save Money

Travel agents know the current trends and promotions, how to bundle items for bigger savings, and how to get the lowest price from multiple vendors. We make lots of phone calls so you get to make none.

Save Time

We spend the time researching, booking, and following up on travel so you can just live your life.

Trusted Quality

We have access to dedicated networks of trusted suppliers on literally every continent. In addition to customer reviews, we also have access to special reviews and inside scoops - think "secret shoppers" - so we can get a professional assessment of whether a property is up to your standards.

Peace of Mind

We analyze your desires, your needs, and your budget then provide you with several options that are right for you. We're here to answer questions at any step along the way.

Customized Planning

Our trips are tailored to you. We don't just show you the latest sale or the package with the biggest commission. For every journey with us - even everyday trips - we make sure each aspect of it is tailored to your tastes.

Payment Options

When self-booking, you often need to pay in full at time of booking. Working with an agent can often give you access to other options for free - like a downpayment and installments. We also work with new services like Apple Pay to make payment easy for you.

Special Rates

Agents have special industry relationships that allow them to get special prices or amenities for clients that may not be available to the general public.

Specialized Knowledge

We have detailed knowledge from regular consumers and travel professionals to help us plan the perfect trip with perfect amenities. We also have a lot of first-hand experience with the types of travel sold.

Dedicated Advocacy

Stuff happens. When it does, your agent should be your first point of contact. We will work on your behalf with airlines, hotels, and other service providers to make things right for you.